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What should I wear for my video or photo shoot?

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A common question I get asked is “what should I wear for my photo or video shoot?”.


And for good reason – this imagery will represent your brand and you as a professional! The key is to feel comfortable and confident! Below are some tips so that you get the most from your shoot whether it be your next commercial brand session or professional headshot session. You want your photos or video footage to be timeless so below is what I tell my fabulous clients.


  • Simple is best!
  • Choose a professional-looking and well-fitting outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in. 
  • Wear clothes as if you’re meeting a potential employer or a VIP client. 
  • Keep patterns and logos to a minimum. 
  • Ladies often find they prefer images where their arms are covered, keeping this in mind – long or 3/4-sleeve tops are very flattering. 
  • If you wear jewellery, aim for subtlety. 
  • Wear suitable underwear beneath your outfit e.g., the correct colour so it doesn’t show through, and a good fit to avoid visible lines in your outfit. 
  • Try not to wear anything with pilling, visible fraying or anything too trendy – ideally your outfits in these photos will be timeless! 
  • Ensure your outfit is not covered in your pet’s fur, especially when wearing black. 
  • Also bring a jacket and/or scarf for variety.

Not everyone knows the colours that suit their skin or has a favourite go-to in their wardrobe. Here are some pro tips to find your season palette and the best colours for you.


First, what is your season palette?


Skin: Cool skin tone, blue or blue, pink undertones.
Hair: Dark hair, brown hair with ash tones.
Eyes: Red-brown, black-brown, green, blue, hazel, grey-blue, grey-green, or dark blue eyes.


Skin: Warm skin that glows, and high colour from red in skin which flushes and blushes easily.
Hair: Light hair colour, blonde to red.
Eyes: Light blue or green eyes.


Skin: Fair skin that looks pale or rosy pink skin tone.
Hair: Most likely blonde, ranging from light blonde to dirty, dark ash.
Eyes: Blue, green, aqua, grey, or soft hazel eyes.


Skin: Warm skin tones fair to dark.
Hair: from red with golden highlights to brown or black.
Eyes: Golden brown eyes, from dark to topaz, or green eyes.


And which colours should each season wear?


Winter generally bright/sharp colours in icy or jewel tones, cool and clear such as white, black, blue, pink.
Summer ideally, pastel and soft natural colours in cool tones, such as baby blue, dusky rose, plum or lavender
Autumn preferably, warm and intense autumnal colours in golden tones, such as gold, brown, camel, orange or beige.
Spring impeccably soft, delicate colours in warm tones, such as pastel shades, peach, coral, ochre tones like warm brown.


These colour palettes are simply a starting point because everyone is different. You still need to experiment to find your most flattering shades. 


I’ll often have a conversation with my clients where I ask, ‘is there that one colour you wear that always gets you compliments even if you’re in the daggiest of outfits’ i.e. For me, I always found it amusing that I could wear the oldest dusky blue (think denim blue) singlet to wash my car and people will say ‘wow you look great today’ because it’s that tone that works best with my blonde hair, hazel eyes and olive skin. And other colours like white and dusky rose pink work the same for me too. Maybe you’ve found the same in the past?


With these simple tips and colour guide you are sure to shine in your next professional photo shoot but we are always here to assist in the lead up to your session with plenty of preparation advice. If you’d like us to send you the colour guide as a PDF, please get in touch with your email address! Not everyone knows the colours that suit their skin or has a favourite go-to in their wardrobe. 


soft grey, charcoal, beige and blue tones
classic camel black and white
autumn tones
beautiful 1
icy pink, gry and white tones